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About Mack Amps


Tone.  Everyone wants it.  Every gear maker says they have it.

However, tone is subjective - it’s in the ears of the beholder.  Your ears.

That’s why Mack Amps’ goal is to help you get the tone you’ve always wanted.

Our circuit design and hand built quality result in all the warmth and harmonic laden overtones that make great tube amps famous.  And, building in batches results in prices much lower than typical boutique guitar amps.  

But that’s not all.

Mack amps have a clarity and dynamic response that creates a canvas on which to paint your perfect tone.  Whether clean or overdriven you will hear the true voice of your guitar and effects and the amp will instantly respond to every pedal stomp and knob turn, no matter how subtle or bold.  You can even control overdrive response with pick attack alone.  This flexibility ensures you can create the tone you want!

Sounds like Hype?  Well, we didn’t come up with those claims - our customers did.

Guitarists who use Mack amps consistently tell us: “I’ve never really heard what my guitars/pickups/pedals sound like until I plugged into a Mack amp” and “I’ve finally got the tone I want”!

If you are still looking for that tone you’ve always wanted, Mack Amps can help.

Mack Amps.  Your tone puzzle solved!

Mack Amps Story

GemFront_CC.jpgI started Mack Amps because for most of my 30 years of guitar playing I had dreamed of owning a boutique guitar amplifier, but could never afford one. In 2005 I decided to do something about that.

So, using my electrical engineering background, I set out to design a simple, high quality guitar amp with ‘boutique tone' - that could be sold at a price considerably less than traditional boutique amps.

It took about a year of design work and prototyping before feedback from guitarists confirmed that what would become the Heatseeker HS-18 was a winner. Mack Amps was then incorporated in 2006.

In 2007 the product line expanded to include the Heatseeker HS-36 and the Skyraider line of 6V6-based amps. The Gem launched in 2009.

When Mack started I did everything - chassis drilling and prep; making circuit boards from scratch; mounting and soldering parts; wiring; final assembly and testing.  Happily, I couldn't keep up with demand, particularly when the product line expanded.

Today Mack outsources cabinets and completed and tested amp chassis from two highly skilled, small Canadian companies that hand make our assemblies.

Even though we've grown past the point where I can build every amp myself, Mack's production methods hold true to my original concept: hand wired and assembled amps built in batches (to keep our prices down!) following exacting quality standards.

I am proud to offer boutique guitar amplifiers that have proven to be extremely reliable, fun to play and that provide outstanding tone.  And they don't cost as much as typical boutique amps!

Don Mackrill - Don@MackAmps.com