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Get The Guitar Tone You Want


Is this you?

You know your way around a guitar. You may be semi-pro or a passionate, dedicated weekend player in a band with friends. Or, you may be a guitarist that plays at home for your own enjoyment, but you’ve been doing it a while and know your way around gear.

Over the course of your musical life you have owned many guitars and amps, constantly trading and switching things up to suit your evolving style, or to simply get inspired to play more. You own a few guitars, like experimenting with effects and have probably gone back and forth between multi-effect units and traditional pedals.

You’re a tone chaser - after “that sound”.

The Guitar Tone You've Always Wanted

You now have a pedalboard with new and maybe vintage effects that help emulate your heroes, but you see that as your foundation and you play from that tone foundation in your own way. The few “cool” pedals you have are part of your personal vibe.

You have a name brand amp that you get more or less what you want from, but have always wanted to own a really cool, boutique amp like the players that players admire often play. You have always been conscious of your gear budget and while you’ve been able to swap guitars and pedals, the jump to a boutique amp has always been out of reach.

You’ve tried different guitars. You have played with pedal and amp combinations - maybe dozens. You’re so very close. You’ve done the work and you almost have it - THAT sound. That tone you can call your own that brings out the best player you can be – the tone you’ve heard in your head all those years. Straight up, 100% pure. All your own.

Your Mack Amp is the final piece to get you there.

How Mack Amps Helps Your Guitar Tone

From the roar of Angus, to Page unbridled, the cream of Clapton, the soaring sustain of Beck, vintage Hendrix, the ethereal complexity of Lifeson or the spank of Knopfler, Mack Amps bring that foundation tone to life, giving you the canvas to truly express your inner voice.

Our circuit design and hand built quality result in all the warmth and harmonic laden overtones that make great tube amps famous.  And, building in batches results in prices much lower than typical boutique guitar amps… making it easier to own a boutique amp.

But that’s not all.

Mack amps have a clarity and dynamic response that creates a canvas on which to paint your perfect tone.  Whether clean or overdriven you will hear the true voice of your guitar and effects and the amp will instantly respond to every pedal stomp and knob turn, no matter how subtle or bold.  You can even control overdrive response with pick attack alone.  This flexibility ensures you can create the tone you want!

Sounds like Hype?  Well, we didn’t come up with those claims - our customers did.

Guitarists who use Mack amps consistently tell us: “I’ve never really heard what my guitars/pickups/pedals sound like until I plugged into a Mack amp” and “I’ve finally got the tone I want”!

If you are still looking for that tone you’ve always wanted, Mack Amps can help.