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More Thoughts On Tube Guitar Amp Design


More Thoughts On Tube Guitar Amp Design

At Mack Music, we base our amp design philosophy on three beliefs.

First, our goal is to provide the best value possible in a hand made, tube guitar amp – an irresistible mix of great tube tone and a reasonable price. However, we recognize building a value-based product means compromise. We hope our customers agree that we've chosen a path through the minefield of design choices that ends in successfully achieving our goal.

Second, we target our amps at a particular audience: rock and blues players.  Though there's considerable variation within that audience, it shares certain characteristics and expectations that a single amp design can accommodate.  We want to give rock and blues cats warm, resonant tube tone with a range of inspirational clean to overdriven to distorted sounds.  We don't design super high gain, super distortion products and we don't design super clean ones either.

Third, our amps can gig if you want them to – of course, they'll record extremely well and the Heatseeker is a great practice amp at lower volumes. Players must be able to select the range of tones they need with ease so they can concentrate on performing.

What does all this mean? Good sound, versatility, great price.

Virtuoso Tone without the Prima Donna Price!