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Corban Calhoun



Born to a big Christian Family in a small town in Central Louisiana, Corban Calhoun had no idea in his early childhood what a large role music would play in his later life.  As a young child, like most boys, Corban’s goal was to play sports.  However, as early as four years of age, Corban’s mother recognized his extraordinary musical talent. Corban was pushed to take piano lessons, while he dreamed of skateboarding.  Corban’s progress on the piano moved much faster than expected, progressing far too fast for many piano teachers to keep up. 

By the time he was in the fourth grade, Corban was performing in front of large audiences.  In sixth grade he won his first talent show award for his performance on the piano.  Although Corban was obviously talented on the piano, it was not until he picked up a guitar that he found his true passion.  Inspired by a song by a band called The Darkness, Corban began playing guitar in the seventh grade.  He soon joined with other peers to form bands.  By the time he was in ninth grade, news of his guitar talent had spread.  He joined with the Trey Thomas band, which was considered for a Nashville Label. 


His success with the Trey Thomas band ended when the band parted ways, but Corban soon found another band that could use his unique abilities.  Corban produced his first professional album with the band Fire, and began performing at a variety of local events.  His involvement with the band lasted for over two years, until he was picked up by another, more established band, Altar’d. 

Altar’d, an alternative Christian rock band with a heart for ministry and a drive for musical excellence, was the perfect opportunity for Corban to continue his pursuit of a career in music.  After an audition, Altar’d knew that Corban was the perfect fit for their group.  Soon after Corban’s transition into Altar’d, he released his second professional album, Divided. During his time with Altar’d Corban saw many successes, including seeing one of their hits make #1 on the CRW Charts and selling out for their CD release party. 

As Corban’s talent and achievements grew, his name began to circulate.  In 2010, he was approached by representatives of Disney Recording Artist, Anna Margaret.  Anna Margaret, best known for her work on the soundtrack of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Starstruck, was looking to form a band in Central Louisiana to further Anna Margaret’s career in the music industry.  Corban was chosen as the lead guitarist and has been performing with Anna Margaret since that time.

Although Corban has accomplished a great deal in the music world, his pursuits are not complete.  His devotion for music is consistently evidenced by his commitment to his musical career. He knows that music will always be a lifelong passion.  His talent is matched only by his willingness to strive to make his career in music an even greater success. 

Corban plays through a Heatseeker HS-18.