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Edwin (Bing) Labog

MEAs/bing1.jpgMack Amps is pleased to announce that Bing Labog – guitarist, singer, songwriter with ACI9 –  is a Mack Endorsing Artist.

ACI9 is a Chicago based trio comprised of Bing on guitar and vocals, Chris Mallon on bass (“funk player all the way” says Bing) and Hec Cruz on Drums (“heavy/progressive rock side”).  They are big in the Chicago Filipino/Pinoy music scene and play regular local gigs as well as recently venturing to the Big Apple to play at the Poptimes Magazine “Rock The Box 2” CD release weekend celebration – RTB2 features the ACI9 song “Don Pakete”.  Aci9 also plans to release a new album in November.


About their musical style, Bing says, “Our playing styles are pretty much not on the same page but I believe that's what makes our music more unique. We as a band strive to evolve to what is now the modern alternative rock genre.”

Here’s what Binky of New York’s Poptimes Magazine had to say about a recent ACI9 gig:

MEAs/bing_aci9_group.gif"ACI9 gets the JEKYLL and HYDE SHY GUY AWARD!  They look so shy, but then turned right around they rocked our brains out!!  Who can forget the lead singer’s deceitful shy little smirk right before he wailed out a solo on us!  It’s always the shy ones, right??  On an off topic, I have to admit, we were definitely checking out all the modified pedals on the stage.  VERY impressive.  It made me wanna go out to GUITAR CENTER, grab a Tele, and take out my frustrations by stomping on Crayola colored boxes."

Bing’s Mack back line consists of a Heatseeker HS-18C combo AND a Skyraider SR-15C combo stuffed with an optional Eminence “Red Fang” alnico speaker!

Bing originally started with an HS-18 head for his crunch and distorted tone that he used alongside a Vox AC30 used for cleans.  Based on his delight with his 18, Bing decided to jettison the AC30 for a Skyraider... and change his rig to a combo format to reduce the pain of hauling gear!  After first trying an SR-30 and finding it too loud for smaller gigs, Bing settled on the SR-15.

Upon receiving his Skyraider, Bing wrote, “The SR-15C is just what I'm looking for.  I'm very happy with what I have now. Thanks Don!”

See other comments from Bing on the Testimonial page.

Here’s an excerpt from an article about Aci9 by Brendalee Illustre of Chicago Pinoy Music Scene:

"You enter a music venue and three young men are rocking onstage.  Their music is progressive fused with funk and rock, their sound is refreshingly dynamic and their songs are distinctly Filipino.  Welcome to the world of ACI9!  A Chicago based band whose star is on the rise in the Filipino-American music scene.

 ACI9 is Bing Labog on vocals and guitars, Chris Mallo on bass and Hec Cruz on drums.  The band is currently under the guidance of Pinoy Ruckus Productions who serves as the band's manager. 

Being open to different types of music is imperative to be a part of ACI9.  Their dynamism endears them to their audience and as a result, they currently enjoy an enviable local following in the Chicago are Filipino-American scene.  Also evident in their music is the Filipino-American experience.  They strive to break the debilitating stereotype that the Filipino artist is naïve and unoriginal.  

The band mentions that their songs are about "Pinoy's living here in abroad."  Their lyrics focuses on the values, attitudes and the "sickness that is bringing us down" which seem to plague Filipinos in the United States.  Their music does not only serve to uplift the spirit of the immigrant Filipino, it serves to make a statement about the virtues of Filipinos.  The aim of their songs is to encourage their audience to "work together as one." It is that kind of message that has their followers craving for more from the band.  

In the three years that the band has been in existence, they have accomplished many things.  ACI9 has come a long way since performing at a fundraising event in August of 2005.  In August 2007, they made their debut to the East Coast audience by performing in the Poptimes Magazine anniversary concert.  Twice, they have been in the enviable position of opening for big name acts from the Philippines.  In March of 2007, they had the opportunity of opening in the back to back BAMBOO and Parokya ni Edgar show, that year's biggest Filipino concert.  In September of that same year, they were again chosen to spearhead the Chicago leg of the Parokya/Kamikazee concert.  

They are slowly making name for themselves in the Filipino-American music scene.  Only time will tell how far they will go; but armed with talent, dedication, belief in their music and passion for their craft, ACI9 is well on their way to success."

Keep your eyes on Bing and ACI9.  We’re certain that they will continue to climb the ladder of musical recognition and accomplishment!