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Jon Hernandez

Johnny lives in American Falls, ID, where he spends his time playing guitar and bass, and also spinningJon Hernadez music and talking guitar gear and interviewing other artists as a DJ. He has been a musician for 25 years.

Jon started as a bass player, and now is an accomplished multi-instrumentatlis playing bass, guitar, drums and keyboard.  He first fell in love with the guitar at the age of 4, while watching his Grandma play her mid-50's Supro (cool guitar!) and knew then that music was his passion.  Jon bought his first bass, a Series 10, at the age of 15 - after having worked hard to earn the money so he could buy it!

Jon's love of music has helped him overcome many hardships in his life. Most recently, he tore all the ligaments in his left wrist (he is left handed) and also broke his back. With the wrist injury, the Dr. told him that he wouldn't play guitar again. After months of depression, he decided that he wasn't happy with that decision and started slowly working to be able to play again. He can now sit down and play guitar any time he wants. The only issue with that is, he has a hard time deciding which one to play - Johnny owns 30+ guitars and basses!

Of course, no jam session is complete without an amp. Johnny came across Mack Amps while on Facebook one day. He was looking for a boutique amp that was simple, low watt, and not too expensive. He sent Don a message and thru a lot of correspondance, he got a Heatseeker HS-18. He loved it! The sound was crisp and clear!

Johnny was hooked and he talked to Don and had him do an interview. Johnny now has another Mack Amp, the Gem 2G. Along with the amps, he also has the Mack TL-1 single coil pickups in his Fender Telecaster, and the Mack HB-1 humbuckers in his Dean Cadillac.

Some of the reasons that Johnny likes Mack Amps so much are: They are made in North America. They are hand made with quality parts. All tube and very easy to set up and play. The customer service that Don gives is second to none.

Johnny has been an online DJ for 5 years. First starting out at Infernal Rock Radio. Then moving to Max Ink Radio. He now hosts two shows on the Prog Palace radio network: The Gear Guys where he talks about all kinds of guitar gear and Prognasium where he plays the latest in progressive and power metal along with interviews of some of the best bands on the planet.

Johnny has worked with many bands, labels, and promoters from all over the world. Helping promote bands from blues to heavy metal.  In his spare time, he is also working on a CD of his own. Johnny and his wife also have a local DJ business where they provide music for events such as weddings, reunions and parties.