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Rob Roberge


Rob Roberge is a guitarist, songwriter, published author, vintage tube guitar amp re-builder and he restores vintage, quack medical devices. 

Busy guy!

And, he's exactly the kind of working guitarist that appreciates Mack Amps: he loves rich tube tone, but doesn't have a rock star budget to satisfy his craving. 

Mack Budget Boutique amps have proven to give this SoCal based player exactly what he was looking for.

Before we get to Rob's background, let's first deal with that blue box that you see in the accompanying photos - taken during a Urinals recording session for their soon to be released album.

As you can see it's a Burris Royal Bluesman amp.

Why is it on top of Rob's Heatseeker HS-18 head?

Because he uses the Burris for REVERB ONLY! 

Rob's tone on the new Urinals album is 100% Mack driven.  He used his HS-18 for some backing tracks and his main amp, a Skyrairder SR-30, for everything else.

Here's what Rob had to say about using his Mack amps in the studio:

"The album sounds F'ing GREAT.  The guitars are so good sounding.  Best I've ever had in the studio.  THANK YOU for giving me such great tone."

Rob plays in three bands:

  1. The Danbury Shakes - who sound like Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  2. The Violet Rays - who sound like Link Wray and Woody Guthrie got into an accident and formed a band
  3. Urinals - who sound like the late 70's era, minimalist, LA punk band that they are!

Here's a brief Urinals bio:

The URINALS have been in and around the Los Angeles music scene, on and off, since their formation in 1978.

Known in the early 80s as 100 FLOWERS and in the mid-2000s as THE CHAIRS OF PERCEPTION, the band currently includes founding members Kevin Barrett and John Talley-Jones as well as guitarist Rob Roberge.

The band's material has been covered by Yo La Tengo, Leaving Trains, Minutemen, Halo of Flies, Eleventh Dream Day, No Age and others.

In 2005, URINALS was the first American punk band to be invited by the Chinese government to play the Chaoyang International Pop Music Festival.


The above photo shows Rob's modified '69 Tele, the blue box, his Heatseeker HS-18, a modified 4X10 cab, '67 Wildwood acoustic, '66 Mustang and an Eastwood Classic 12.