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Sef and Jeff Beaulieu

Your Favorite Enemies -Recording Studio, Live Venue, Communal Home!

Check out the below photos of YFE's unbelievably cool headquarters!  The band recently purchased an unused church and have morphed it into a magical musical creative space.

The band lives in the church together so they can feed off each other's creative abilities - and rehearse and record all in one location!

The church features a large sound stage with lots of seating in the main hall and two recording studios!







Sef with his Skyraider SR-30 - Your Favorite Enemies

(Jeff Beaulieu - above photo taken at Boutique Tone, Montreal.) 

(Above photo of YFE's Sef) 

When Alex Foster (vocals), Jeff Beaulieu (guitar), Sef (guitar), Ben Lemelin (bass), Miss Isabel (vocals and keys) and Charles Moose Allicy (drums) got together to form Your Favorite Enemies in 2006, they decided to manage every single aspect of the band's career based on their community values and their "do it yourself" attitude.

Already known for their commitment towards human rights, Foster being a fervent spokesperson for Amnesty International and a passionate youth speaker, Your Favorite Enemies' distinctive blend of dirty and polished types of melodic textures and their introspective and empowering lyrics instantaneously attracted musical fanatics from all over the world, who organically and spontaneously turned their passion for the band into an incredible multitude of street teams, communities, fan sites and forums emerging in every major city on the planet.

Therefore, inspired by such astounding support and inundated by an impressive number of requests to buy Your Favorite Enemies' nowhere-to-be-found music, the 6 musicians decided to create the label Hopeful Tragedy Records in April 2007 in order to offer the self-produced 5-song EP and fan-exclusive "And If I Was To Die In the Morning... Would I Still Be Sleeping With You"; released on June 1st, for only $10 worldwide, shipping included.

However, facing a strong reluctance and a major lack of support from the band's former advisers, who doubted that any potential success would come out of such a daring operation, the musicians kept their vision of honoring their fans' loyalty with a ridiculously low and worldly-standardized cost for anyone wishing to purchase their EP, from Montreal to Tokyo.

Since many people were expecting a monumental flop and a damagingmove for the band's career, the decision to create a record label in order to sell their EP via their own online store turned out to be the determinantturning point for Your Favorite Enemies.

The Montreal musicians ended 2007 with more than 30 thousand copies sold of their EP, a first European promotional headlining tour, unbelievable coverage by major international media, the creation of Hopeful Tragedy Records' multimedia branch dedicated to the development of new web initiatives and the production of a weekly podcast show on "YFE-TV"; different elements turning Your Favorite Enemies into one of the most exciting new "Do It Yourself" bands to emerge from the non-traditional music model.

Needless to say that, if 2007 was a good indication of what the future had in store for Your Favorite Enemies, the following year turned out to be an undoubtedly interesting one for the 6 musicians from Montreal, who have been named as one of the top 5 bands to watch out for in 2008 by the Billboard Magazine; a quote which is hard to deny after the incredible success they had in 2008.

Success, which included being the first band ever to internationally broadcast a real-time live concert on their MySpace page, obtaining extraordinary success for their first Japanese tour, selling more than 60 thousand copies of their second album "Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye", released in June 2008 on the band's label, Hopeful Tragedy Records, and becoming the first band ever to write songs for the legendary video game franchise Final Fantasy.

Greatly empowered by the amazing support of their faithful fans, Your Favorite Enemies is already in the studio working on new songs for what they described as "a fantastic imaginary voyage" for their third album to be released worldwide in 2009.