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Tommy Mack

t-mack-amp1.jpgTommy Mack is an Austin, Texas based musician with more than 20 years of experience as a performer and guitar tech. 

Fronting many bands over the years, among them SSIK, Young Thunder, Wasted Faith, Hell on Earth, and The Waymores, Tommy Mack has found the most success as leader and songwriter of The Lifters.

The other half of Tommy's life has been spent behind the scenes of the music business as a much sought after guitar tech. 

Having worked with such artists as Eric Johnson, Jimmie Vaughn, Elliot Easton, Doyle Bramhall ll, Charlie Sexton, David Grissom, Steve Earle, Joe Ely, Reckless Kelly, The Flatlanders, Howard Jones, Kelly Willis, Pariah, Dangerous Toys, Russell Crowe, Creedence Clearwater Revisited and many others, Tommy gratefully says "I've been lucky enough to have what I call my ‘day job' in the same business that I love."

As a player, Tommy is known for his charismatic stage presence and command of the audience, as well as his versatile guitar playing.

"I used to just want to play lead guitar 24/7 until I discovered songwriting and the importance of strong, steady rhythm playing.  I got tired of constant soloing to generic rhythm tracks, where you show the audience everything you've got up your sleeve ten minutes into an hour-long show.  I don't care how good you are, you are really only as good as your songs, and that's a proven fact."

Career and Influences

Tommy started playing and writing in 1982 in local bands in El Paso, Texas.  After moving to Austin in the mid eighties, he started Young Thunder and hit the club circuit. 

MEAs/tommymackthelifters.jpgAfter 5 years as a top draw, the band changed its name to Wasted Faith and gained national and international attention thanks to an article and review for the album "Deed" in Kerrang Magazine.

After touring with bands like Pantera, Sucidal Tendencies, and Exodus, the band eventually disbanded, but Tommy resurfaced after a much-needed rest with The Lifters, which he formed in 2001. 

The Lifters' blend of rock, country and punk has opened the door to a diverse and rounded audience.  The Lifters found a major audience overseas in the wake of their second CD, Texas Trash, amassing a large following in South America and Europe. 

With influences ranging from Howling Wolf to Freddie King to Jerry Reed, Tommy is fairly reluctant to cite popular influences, but he is more than willing to talk about local heroes, or some guy he saw play in a restaurant bar in the middle of nowhere.

Tommy's Gear 

Tommy used Les Pauls and Telecasters guitars with Marshall Amps exclusively until his good friend Steve Gunner from Creedence Clearwater Revisited introduced him to Mack Amps.

Tommy has been using the 36 watt Heatseeker with a 2x12 cab loaded with G12H Celestions with his side project, The Waymores (a Waylon Jennings tribute band). For his current studio work with The Lifters, he utilizes a 2x12 cab with Anniversary series 30 watt Celestions. 

"It's been a real pleasure to play, and I think it's only a matter of time before the Mack Amp is listed as one of the top boutique amps around."

Tommy Mack: Guitar Tech

"As a tech, I am always on the quest for great tone and tone combinations.  I prefer working with musicians who try to cultivate and encourage this," notes Tommy.

Indeed, as Tommy Mack has worked with the likes of Eric Johnson, Elliot Easton, and David Grissom, in his "day job".  He considers himself lucky to have been around some real tone masters, saying "I've learned a lot about tone from these players, and the lengths they go to achieve it. Everyone knows tone starts with the hands, and that's exactly what Mack amps encourage.  With a clear signal path and simple controls, there's nowhere to hide.  It's a tough, loud little box that can handle anything you throw at it."

Tommy Mack toured with CCR until 2011.