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Val Halla

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Val has lived in Nashville, opened for Ted Nugent on a US tour, recorded albums, played tons of gigs... and written and performed great songs!!  Plus, she is a kick ass guitarist and tone connoisseur!

Here's the latest from Val:

My MACK Heatseeker HS-18 has gained the adoration from many a live sound engineer in venues all over Canada and the U.S.  I've been told it has actually made their jobs easier!  And no matter the size of the venue, even when I have played in arenas, the HS-18 has always had enough balls to rock the place. 

Many engineers prefer working with a guitarist who can get the good juice from the amp and have it just in the sweet spot, without it blowing the entire room away and the engineer having no control of the levels through the system.  Marshall double stacks might be cool if you have 40 roadies to haul your gear, and an aging sound system from the 1970's in a large arena you want to blow away, but in today's world and the wonderful sound systems most venues now are equipped with - all you need is this 18 watt tube amp through a 12 inch speaker, and you can play coffee shops to hockey rinks without wrecking your back carrying your gear between the two!  Don't buy an amp just for the retro reputation…. buy an amp that just sounds great instead.  And this amp sounds GREAT.

Her new songs reveal a burnished complexity related to song structure, lyrics, arrangements and sound – all with VERY good results!  These are accomplished songs and provide an exciting glimpse of an extremely talented musician honing her skills.

Our favourite tune is “Bad Girl Touch” (click the play button in the player – all guitar parts recorded using a Mack Heatseeker HS-18 and 1X12 CB speaker cabinet!).  This is a kick ass tune 


Here’s Val’s bio from her new website: www.ValHallaonline.com:with great parts and arrangements supporting strong lyrics and vocals.  Way to go, Val!

Growing up in the middle of Canada, in a city kindly named Regina (rhymes with fun); Val began writing songs at age 5.  She left the prairies to pursue music seriously at 17, and moved alone to the "big city" of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Over the years Val has played hundreds of shows, both solo, and with various bands including North of Dewdney, Crucial Taunt, KJB Agents, and of course her own creation, Val Halla.  She has also been a guest on various TV and Radio programs, performing live solo acoustic renditions of her music.

Val splits her time between Regina, Vancouver, Austin and Nashville, honing her skills as a guitar player, songwriter, and performer.

She has sacrificed being with friends and family, to simply get a shot at having her music heard by others, and connecting with fans and strangers alike.

Val is now pursuing a solo career under the name Val Halla, and will be attending both CMW and SXSW in 2009 to promote her music.Achievements include engineering and producing Val Halla's self titl


ed 2007 release, gaining an endorsement through Mack Amps (MackAmps.com), performing various showcases in Los Angeles and Nashville, and gaining new and loyal fans every time she plays!

Val has been using a Mack Heatseeker HS-18 on tour and filed the following report from the road:

“The amp is a dream by the way!  A lot of sound guys were losing their minds over it in fact.  There was a guy named Ian in Saskatoon who did our sound who was threatening to steal it Ha Ha!  Our sound man Joe in Winnipeg said that it was one of the greatest guitar tones he had heard in his bar ever.

I found it so great to use, because I was one of those forever knob turners ... going back and making adjustments, continually trying to get the tone that was always so elusive to me.  Now I just plug in, turn it up and throw it on Melt and I'm golden. There is one song we do called "Can't Sleep", more of a ballad. I just walk over and turn the knob to Hot, change which pickup I use and turn down my guitar volume just a hair to take back the distortion a tad. And when that song is done I just click everything back. No sweat! It’s a dream!”