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Mack Amps Skyraider SR-15 Customer Sound Clips

Mack Amps Skyraider SR-15 boutique guitar amp

Mark Bussieres, who owns a Mack Syraider SR-15 boutique guitar amp, kindly recorded two demo tracks and sent them in to us!  You get to hear the results!

The two tracks are called "Classic Rock Sample" and "Soul Rock Sample".

Classic Rock Sample was recorded as follows:

    • SR-15 into Randall isolation cab loaded with Celestion V30.
    • V30 mic'ed with SM57 pointed on axis just to the left of the cone at a distance of where grill cloth would be on a regular cabinet.
    • Alesis IO26 mixer/audio converter.
    • Logic Pro 9
    • Left Channel:  Mid-90's Les Paul Gem (with P90s) using the bridge pickup with the SR15 volume at 3 o'clock and the tone at 12 o'clock.  Added a bit of delay in Logic.
    • Right Channel:  2005 Parker PM20 using bridge pickup in humbucker mode (they are bright HBs).  Same volume and tone on the Skyraider.  Bit of reverb added in Logic.
    • Centre Channel:  1992 Godin G1000 using bridge humbucker pickup.  SR volume up FULL!  Tone around 2 o'clock.  Again, some delay added in Logic.
Soul Rock Sample was recorded using the same signal chain and the following instruments:
    • Left Channel: 1994 Stratocaster with SR in Burn mode and volume at 11 o'clock and Tone at 12 o;clock.
    • Right Channel: MIM Tele with SR in Hot mode, volume and tone as above.
    • Lead Guitar CLEAN: Les Paul Gem with both pickups SR in melt mode with volume at 10 o'clock and tone at 12 o'clock.
    • Lead Guitar DIRTY: Same as for clean except volume up full and bridge pickup only.
    • Some reverb and delay added here and there for good measure. All other instruments played by me, except drums as usual.
Only a light touch of reverb and delay was added, no other effects were used in this recording.
MANY thanks to Mark for taking the time to lay down these well played and recorded tracks!!

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Warren Greig Jazz Guitarist - Solo Video with Mack Amp!


Warrent Greig is a GREAT jazz player and, I am proud to say, a Mack Endorsing Artist.Warren Grieg jazz guitarist

This guy plays the real deal.  Beautiful improvised lines played with taste, dynamics and wonderful note choices - and his tone is first rate!

Here's a video of Warrent playing a solo at a recent gig with his 1949 Gibson ES175 through his Skyraider SR-15.

Check out Warren Grieg's YouTube site for some more great videos and his Mack Endorsing Artist page!





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Mack Amps LAYAWAY Plans!


Want to buy a Mack amp but don't have ALL the coin?

Now Mack Amps offers simple and easy layaway plans so you can buy an amp with payments that match your budget.

Even better, there is NO INTEREST and NO FEES!

'Layaway' is a payment planning tool that makes it easy to schedule a purchase in monthly installments tailored to your budget.

Instead of trying to save money each month - and never doing it - Mack Layaway Plans ensure you get your amp within a set period of time without blowing your budget!

Mack Amps Gem 2G   mack-gem-2g-layaway-plan
 Mack Amps Skyraider SR-15



 Mack Amps Heatseeker HS-18




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Mack Amps and David Barrett: The Story Behind The Video "Hollowbody"

Mack Amps Endorsing Artist David Barrett

On January 18, 2011 a rare assemblage of talent converged on iStars Artist Development and Musical Performance Center in Toronto.

The group included Pete Swanson from Dagmar Custom Guitars, Rocky Nash from Rocky Nash Films, a group of hugely talented people from iStars who produced and recorded the sound and, of course, The David Barrett Trio featuring Mack endorsing Artist David Barrett along with Sascha Tukatsch on drums and Jason Farrar on bass.

The occasion was the filming of The Trio performing one of their new songs "Hollowbody" for use as a promotional video for all involved.

One of the neat things about the evening was that everyone donated their time, talent and gear for the mutual benefit of the group!  This was truly a collaborative event and the good feelings in the room were palpable!

Things got started when the band arrived and Pete revealed "Gretchen" his stunning creation that features TV Jones humbuckers and a Bigsby.  

Dave proceeded to plug in and I dialed in a nice on-the-edge-of-overdrive tone for him on both the Heatseeker HS-18 and Skyraider SR-15 that he used for the evening.  BTW, Gretchen sounded BEAUTIFUL on that setting - warm, blooming tone!

One of the reasons I like Dave so much is his attitude toward tone and guitar playing - detailed, innovative and aggressive!  This was on full display when after only a minute of warming up he said "OK, so why don't we crank the amps?".  And the game was on!

With a few quick twists, each amp's volume was set on stun, their gain switches on Melt and Dave was smiling!

Rocky Nash and his assistant Jackquie Macri finalized camera angles and their shoot plan.  The iStars team dialed in the live sound in the performance room and the recorded sound in the control room and the band took their positions.

After a count-in from Sascha the band launched into their first practice run of "Hollowbody".  

The members of The David Barrett Trio are exceptional individual musicians.  Each one displays a staggering amount of chops on their instrument.  However, what makes this band cook is what they do together.  The song Hollowbody is a fast tempo, extremely complex piece of music with many varying parts and tons of intricacy.  However, these guys are so good they make it look effortless and they are TIGHT!!

Here's what Dave has to say about the genesis of Hollowbody and the Trio's recent recording experience with a rock luminary!

"Exactly a year ago, I played my new solo album The Dead Arm for guitar hero and mentor Alex Lifeson.  He liked it and mentioned that maybe we should consider doing something together in the future.  I agreed.  

He advised me to write a ton of music which we would then later sift through and pick the best tunes to develop. His other advice was to include some other musicians to further develop the songs.  I asked Sascha Tukatsch to play drums and Jason Farrar to play bass.  We arranged the music and worked really hard on it.  Their contributions and enthusiasm have been truly outstanding!  

After the Rush Time Machine tour ended and Big Al was rested, we went into his studio and recorded three tunes: Hollowbody, Sonar, and Disappearance.  Rich Chycki engineered.  

Rich produced my first solo album back in 1995, everything I've learned about recording I've learned from Rich, I don't think there's anyone better.  

And Big Al's approach to arranging, performance, and production was truly illuminating.  We also had a lot of laughs in the studio, more than I can remember on any sessions I've ever done.  

We've finished these three and will release them soon, once we figure out the details."

- From, the official web site of David Barrett

After a few runs through the song the band left the stage and changed into their on-camera 'costumes' - suits and ties!  

During the break Pete brought out another one of his masterpieces "Mary Lou W." featuring a Lollar Charlie Christian pickup.  With the amps turned down Dave proceeded to 'noodle' around on Mary Lou while Rocky and Jacquie quietly filmed him.  The result was a stunning recording of "Ave Maria" that you can see here.

The band hit the stage again and after a few takes of amazing performances the shoot was done and the awesome result can be seen below!

Many thanks to David, Sascha, Jason, Rocky, Jacquie, Pete, all the wonderful folks at iStars and Paul Reid for the photo of Dave at the top of this piece!!


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Mack Amps NEW Shopping Cart - Lower Shipping Charges


Mack Amps Skyraider SR-15We have just launched our new shopping cart!  This might not seem like a big deal, but we think it is.  Read on to find out why!

The new cart has a much improved look, is easier to navigate and features more shipping options that can save you money.

If you are buying from the US, the UPS charges will now be lower across the board.

If you are buying from Canada, shipping is now via Canada Post, which provides significant cost savings vs. UPS.

Further, if you are a local customer you have the option of picking up your purchase and avoiding shipping cost all together!

So, now you can shop online and be assured that you are receiving the most cost effective method of shipping.

Plus, don't forget our 100% Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee that takes the worry out of buying online!

We hope you like the new features, flexibility and cost savings that our new shopping cart offers!

Check out Mack Amp's new factory direct pricing and shopping cart!

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New Warren Greig Video - "This is Jazz" - Mack Amps Endorsing Artist


Mack Amps Endorsing Artist Warren GreigWarren Greig has just released a new video showcasing him and pianist Dan Eisen.

The professional video was shot during a gig at Toronto's Le Commensal.

Warren played through his Mack Amps Skyraider SR-15 that was close mic'ed.

Check out Warren Greig's Mack Endorsing Artist page and his web site.

Warren uses a Skyraider SR-15 boutique guitar amp.

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Altar'd - New Mack Amps Endorsing Artists


Mack Amps is very pleased to welcome Kyle Robson and Corban Calhoun to the Mack family of Endorsing Artists.

Mack Amps Endorsing Artist AltardKyle and Corban are the co-lead guitarists for the Christian Alternative Rock band Altar'd.

The band has toured tirelessly for five years all across the United States from South Carolina to California and nearly everywhere in between, building friendships and a fan base by putting on an explosive live rock show and bringing the presence of God through intense worship. 

Learn more about Kyle, Corban and Altar'd...

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