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Val Halla wins 2009 Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition


Mack Endorsing Artist Val Halla recently won the 2009 Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition. 

One of the benefits of her win was to have a review written by Gary Allen - former drummer for The Charlie Daniel's Band who is currently performing with JJ Cale.  Gary attended one of Val's gigs and had these amazing things to say:

(The following excerpts were taken from "Gary Allen's Music Beat", a free, online newsletter published monthly in Nashville, TN.)

"After just a few strums and her no nonsense approach to the guitar, I suspected she would be the winner of this round.  Her sound is a little bit pop with a big dose of electricity.  If Nancy Wilson could sing like Val Halla, she could have kept all the money.  I have always been a fan of Chrissie Hynde, because she sings and plays as good as any male. So does Val Halla.

Elle Magazine did a top ten list of female guitarists and in my opinion Val could make that list along with rocker Orianthi, from
Michael Jackson's band.  She ranks up there with any rock and roll guy as well.  Carlos Santana said he could pass the torch to a player like Orianthi.  Val is bad ass however and may just club you over the head with the torch.

One last comparison and I'll stop.  I hear Lita Ford in some of Val's more metal style guitar shredding, but with more of a rock
feeling that well suits her music.  Best of all, her music is a sexy riff filled group of songs that are accessible, well performed
with a musical maturity well beyond her 25 years.  She is high energy and has a wicked tight band, that totally won me over.

Val riffs and revs it up like a rock star and knocks you over with tasteful solos.  The songs are clever and brings to mind Bonnie Raitt with the bad attitude of Joan Jett." 

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Mack Endorsing Artist Meeting - Los Angeles County Fair


Mack Endorsing Artists Steve Gunner, Tommy Mack and Rob Roberge hung out before and after a Creedence Clearwater Revisited gig at the LA County Fair on September 17, 2009.

As with all MEA meetings, much gear and music talk ensued along with general good times.

Here's a photo of Tommy, Steve and Rob - dude, nice hair or lack of it!

Tommy Mack, Steve Gunner, Rob Roberge

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