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1x10 CB NEW Guitar Speaker Cabinet from Mack Amps!


April 8, 2012, Richmond Hill, Ontario: Mack Amps is pleased to announce the launch of a new electric guitar speaker cabinet - the 1x10 CB!Mack Amps 1x10 CB guitar speaker cabinet

The 1x10 CB is a 10" guitar speaker cabinet featuring an Eminence Redcoat 'Ramrod', 10" ceramic magnet speaker.

The 1x10 CB replaces the 1x10 OB (open back cabinet).  In addition to the Eminence Ramrod speaker in place of the OB's Eminence Rajin Cajun speaker, the new 1x10 CB's cabinet is 50% deeper than the OB's and features a tuned port.  Both of these new design elements help to give the 1x10 CB a warmer and deeper voice compared to the OB.

"The 1x10 OB was popular with Mack Amps Gem owners, but we kept tweaking and playing with designs that would provide even better 'at home' and low volume guitar tone," said Mack Amps founder, Don Mackrill.  "The result is a small guitar speaker cabinet that produces big sound.  Most guitarists are surprised that so much bass and warmth can come from a 10" speaker cab."

The Eminence Ramrod was selected for the new 1x10 CB because of its British character, lush cleans and because it LOVES overdrive and distortion!

Deeper cab, closed back, tuned port.  More warmth and bottom!

Based on the experience gained from designing the Mack Amps 1x12 CB speaker cabinet that also features a tuned port, the quest for more warmth and body in a small 10" speaker cabinet naturally focused on a tuned port also.  Mack Amps 1x10 CB guitar speaker back

At high volumes the 1x10 CB sounds like many of the smallish 1x12 cabs on the market.  However, when low volume is required for at home playing or perhaps in the studio bass response becomes even more important. 

As the volume drops the perception of bass frequencies (see the article "Maximize Low Volume Guitar Tone" to learn more) decreases relatively more than midrange and treble frequencies.  That's why many hi-fi amps have a 'loudness' control - to boost the bass when listening at low volume.

To counteract this natural phenomenon, and help guitarists that play at home (ALL of us!), the new 1x10 CB has been designed to produce relatively more bass frequencies than traditional 10" guitar speaker cabinets.

Check out the new Mack Amps 1x10 CB guitar speaker cabinet!


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