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David Barrett - NEW Mack Endorsing Artist!


Mack Endorsing Artist David BarrettMack Amps is thrilled to announce that David Barrett is now a Mack Endorsing Artist!!!

Dave has enjoyed a long career in the Canadian music scene having appeared on 20 albums - many of them solo releases - and most recently having cut three tracks with The David Barrett Trio.

Dave is clearly an extremely talented guitar technician, but unlike many of that kind, he is definitely not ONLY a player with unbelievable chops.  Rather, Dave is a musician... a guitar player who is intensely focused on composition, arranging and finding his unique voice on the instrument.  And, judging by his latest work with the Trio, his level of accomplishment in those areas equals his technical guitar playing ability.  In my book that says a LOT!

Dave plays a Mack Gem 2G and a Heatseeker HS-18 with a 1x12CB speaker cab.  We are working with Dave to fine tune his rig and will be loading his cabs with Celestion Greenbacks!

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