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How To Get Good Blues Lead Tone From A Small Amp

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Gem Class A Guitar Tube Amp

Here's a video from Robert Renman that uses the Mack Gem guitar amp to show how to get good blues tone from a small amp.

Robert is a Mack Endorsing Artists, a fantastic guitarist and has become a very well known and respected guitar educator.  You can check out Robert's clear and very useful lessons here: http://www.masterguitaracademy.com/.

As you will see, Robert takes the viewer through a series of tweaks and pedal moves to dial in excellent blues guitar tone at very low volume.  Yes, it can be done!

Note that unlike most small amps, the Gem is very flexible with lots of clean headroom if you want it and a wide range of its own overdriven tones.  It can also be switched from 4 watts to 0.4 watts.  4 watts doesn't sound like much, but it can provide lots of volume if you crank it!  Conversely, 0.4 watts is perfect for playing at home along with recorded music.

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