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Mack Amps.  Your Tone Puzzle Solved!


You’ve flipped more guitars than you can remember. You have played with dozens of pedal and amp combinations. You’re so very close. You’ve done the work and you almost have it - THAT sound. That tone you can call your own that brings out the best player you can be – the tone you’ve heard in your head all those years. Straight up, 100% pure. All your own. 

Your Mack Amp is the final piece to get you there. From the roar of Angus, to Page unbridled, the cream of Clapton, the soaring sustain of Beck, vintage Hendrix, the ethereal complexity of Lifeson or the spank of Knopfler, Mack Amps bring that foundation tone to life, giving you the canvas to truly express your inner voice.

Mack Amps aren’t like amps made overseas. They are hand wired and carefully hand assembled in Canada... and built for players. The difference? Simple, efficient design and engineering delivers pure tone you can finally afford. The best of traditional circuit designs - with unique twists - and speaker voicings create your palate. And modern, yet vintage-inspired cabinet designs make a personal statement from the rehearsal space to the stage.