Eminence Red Fang 10"

A 10" guitar speaker with unique British voicing, a large alnico magnet, smooth distortion and rich harmonics.

Colouration: Vintage British sound with warm undertones and high end sparkle.
Genre: Vintage Britsh tone for Blues, Country, Indie and Jazz.

$254.93 CDN


Following the great reviews we received for the Gold 12", we realized there was also a need for a speaker that conveyed the Alnico mellowness of the original Blue, with the speed and response of a 10" driver. The G10 Gold is the ultimate 10" speaker, blending unmistakable Alnico class with a rich low-end, creamy mid-range and vintage chiming top-end. Springy, warm, revealing, and highly expressive, it can be used singly or in pairs to add a classy sheen to any amp, or in a 4x10 configuration for higher volume depth, warmth and shimmer, with less of the boom associated with 4x12 cabinets.

$175.00 CDN

CELESTION Ten 30 10"

Rich and expressive, the Ten 30 combines warm lows with a vocal mid-range and an articulate top end. The clean sound is open and revealing. Push hard and you're rewarded with full blooded Celestion grind.

$35.00 CDN


This classy 10" is a true "modern vintage" guitar speaker, that delivers an exceptionally well balanced tone that has real Celestion pedigree.  The G10N-40 is characterized by satisfying deep lows that are complemented by sweet and clear upper mids and an articulate, well defined top end.  Loaded into small combos, the G10N-40 articulates a detailed and warm clean sound, and its balanced response means this versatile speaker is still able to deliver true British grind when pushed to the limit.

 $69.00 CDN

CELESTION G10 Vintage 10"

A worthy sucessor to the Vintage 10 the G10 Vintage is a 10" speaker with bags of attitude. Using powerful ceramic magnets and the same voice coil design as the Vintage 30, the G10 packs impressive punch with its 60W power handling.  With the fast response of a 10" but with the strong and creamy vocal tones of a 12", the G10 is the ideal choice to add depth to hollow-sounding amps, or for players who want to get humbucker-type girth from single-coils. Can be used singly to add vocal warmth to small valve combos, or in quartets for a weightier but still lively attack.

$95.00 CDN

CELESTON G10 Greenback 10"

The 10" that thinks its a 12". This speaker was developed to recapture the legendary sound of Celestion's 1970s 10s - a 10" speaker with a surprisingly meaty tone. Low in output but with the weighty low-end balance of a 12", the G10 Greenback features a complex, creamy mid-range and smooth vintage top-end. In small combos this speaker adds real class, and when combined in a 4x10 gives rise to a raunchy, full bodied tone, rich in low-end thump.

 $115.00 CDN
 Legend_1028K--1.jpg Eminence Legend 1028K - 10"

Vintage alnico magnet and seamed cone tonality for guitar. Ideal vintage alnico Jensen replacement.

Colouration: A very bluesy speaker with lots of sparkle, definition, and percussive characteristics.
Genre: Blues, Country, Rock.

$84.38 CDN 

Eminence Lil Buddy 10"

Developed in the late 70s, the Classic Lead uses a fiberglass voice coil former to deliver an 80W power rating and a unique dynamic sound.  A firm favourite with lead guitarists, the Classic Lead features a tightly controlled low-end, with strong high bass / low mid punch, aggressive mid range attack and a powerful yet controlled top-end.  For power chords it has the tone to make its presence felt but the subtle high-frequency roll-off makes it ideal for solos, able to project single notes on loud stages without becoming shrill.

 $79.38 CDN

Eminence Ramrod 10" 

A meaty, 10" guitar speaker with British influence setting the standard for 10" speakers.

Colouration: Very loud, gutsy and meaty tone with singing highs and nice clear overtones.
Genre: British Rocks and Blues, Country and Jazz

$76.49 CDN 

Eminence The Copperhead 10"

A venomous 10" American guitar speaker, very bright and prone to bite.

Colouration: Extremely balanced vintage tone with a little country honk and a touch of classic tone.
Genre: Country, Blues, Bluegrass and Funk.

$76.49 CDN 

Eminence Ragin Cajun 10"

A very hot 10" American guitar speaker with rockin' blues tone.

Colouration: Very loud touch-sensitive and responsive with bell-sounding top end and a little bite.
Genre: American Rock, Blues and Country.

$71.88 CDN 

Eminence Texas Heat - 12"

A warm and smooth 12" American guitar speaker packin' a little heat, Texas style.

Colouration: Nice warm, fat tone with a little top end bite and clarity. Very touch-sensitive with a hint of British flavour.
Genre: American Rock, Blues and Southern Rock.

$69.99 CDN 

Eminence Delta Demon 10"

A wicked 10" American guitar speaker with deep Delta Blues tone.

Colouration: Extremely balanced, dark, creamy smooth tone.
Genre: Jazz, Delta Blues, and Classical.

$69.99 CDN 

Eminence Legend 1058 - 10" 

Higher power, vintage, seamed cone tonality for guitar. Ideal vintage alnico Jensen replacement.

Colouration: A very meaty tone, but with sparkle, definition and a smooth top-end.
Genre: Blues, Country, Rock.

$61.18 CDN