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Gem 2G, 4/0.4W, 1xEL84


Gem 2nd Generation - '2G'

"I feel a sense of joy when I sit down to play it.  The first notes that come out make you feel so good, and you don’t lose that feeling with continued playing." - David

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Mack Amps Gem 2G

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$449.00 CAD $408.59 USD

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Mack Gem 2G guitar amp features:

Mack Gem 2G as seen on Premier Guitar

  • Enhanced overdrive and distortion.
  • Even more clean headroom than the original Gem.
  • Foot-switchable gain stages: 'Hot' and 'Melt - 2 channels!
  • Like all Mack amps, the Gem 2G is hand made in Toronto... not overseas!

What's The Big Deal With The Mack Gem 2G?

Boutique tone, hand made quality and real flexibility... all for only $449!

  • Unlike most low power amps, the 2G has LOTS of beautiful, clean headroom.
  • 'Hot' has more clean headroom, but retains its gorgeous crunch when turned up.
  • 'Melt' has saturated distortion perfect for solos - just stomp on the footswitch.

Of course, like the original Gem, the 2G can be switched from 4 watts to 0.4 watts without changing its tone.  Perfect for bedroom playing or anytime you don't want to be loud... YES, FOUR GEM-2G-WATTS ARE LOUD!

Mack Amps Gem 2G Specifications

  • 4 watts switchable to 0.4 watts
  • 1xEL84 cathode biased, Class A
  • 1xNOS 6AC10 triple triode preamp tube
  • Solid state rectifier
  • Switchable gain stages: panel or foot 
  • Single tone control that cuts AND BOOSTS!
  • Speaker output: 8 ohms - like all Mack amps, any impedance speaker cab can be used without causing damage
  • Red anodized aluminum cabinet
  • 8" W x 5 1/2" H x 4" D
  • 117/120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • 4 lb

Imagine... practice at home in the morning, lay down tracks in the studio that afternoon, rock out at rehearsal in the evening and work on that new song... at midnight in your bedroom!  All with exceptional tone!