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Heatseeker HS-36 - Discontinued


Heatseeker HS-36

The Heatseeker HS-36 has been discontinued.

Heatseeker HS-36 Guitar Amplifier
  The '36' as we call it has proven to be a legitimate tone monster.  Customers have sold their Marshall 50 watt heads - and one even sold his 100 watter - after receiving their HS-36!
If you like your cleans with lots of chime, shimmer and headroom and absolutely juicy and lush crunch and distortion (AC/DC tone for MILES!), the Heatseeker HS-36 is for you!

The Heatseeker HS-36 is an all-tube guitar amplifier designed to provide rich tube tone.

The key to the HS-36’s tone is power amplifier overdrive. Turning up the amp’s volume and letting the preamp signal overdrive the power tubes produces natural, harmonically complex crunch and distortion.

However, clean tones are just a twist of the guitar volume knob away. The Heatseeker cleans up very well with changes in guitar volume. With the amp at full volume, adjusting the guitar output produces anything from crystalline clean tones, to full on roaring distortion.