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Mack 1X12 CB


1 X 12 CB Speaker Cabinet

Mack 1x12 CB Closed Back Speaker Cabinet

All Mack speaker cabs are now finished with DuraTex coating.

DuraTex is much tougher than Tolex and has an attractive, textured finish.

The photo on the left is Tolex NOT DuraTex.  A DuraTex sample photo is shown on the right.

New photos of DuraTex coated cabs coming soon! 

DuraTex speaker cabinet coating
We build speaker cabs to order.  Typical ship time is within 2 weeks of receiving an order. 
Solution GraphicsMack Amps Made in Canada

$369.00 CAD $335.79 USD

Prices shown are for an empty cab.  Yes, we will sell the cab without a speaker for the above price! 

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Celestion or Eminence 12" speaker!

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The 1X12 CB is a compact, lightweight closed back, guitar cabinet designed to produce surprising bottom end. 

Do you have a favorite speaker?  You're in luck!  You can load your cab with ANY Celestion or Eminence guitar speaker!!

We designed the Mack 1X12CB cabinet with a vent cut into the back baffle to produce extended bass frequencies.  The dimensions of the cab coupled with the vent’s shape and size produce bass frequencies down to slightly below the lowest note on the guitar.  That is very unusual for a single 12 guitar cab!!

The design concept behind the 1X12 CB was to produce 4X12 tone and impact from a small cabinet.  While we realize that our goal can never really be achieved – a single 12” speaker cabinet will never equal the mighty thwack and roar of a good 4X12 – we believed that careful design and thorough testing could produce a 1X12 cab with surprising impact. 

We think the 1X12 CB does exactly that … you’ll be surprised at how “big” your rig sounds.  Add a Heatseeker or Skyraider head and we think you’ll be blown away!

1X12 CB specs

  • We will sell the cab without a speaker!
  • ANY 8 ohm Celestion or Eminence guitar speaker can be loaded into your cab
  • DuraTex cabinet coating - much more durable than Tolex, attractive textured finish
  • Baltic Birch, 11 ply, solid core front and back baffles, poplar sides, finger joints
  • 20” W x 20” H x 12” D

Virtuoso Tone without the Prima Donna Price!