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  • David Barrett and his Mack Amps Atomsmasher stack!
  • The David Barrett Signature Atomsmasher DB-40
  • David Barrett Signature Atomsmasher DB-18 (not available at this time)
  • David Barrett, wearing his Mack Amps Atomsmasher t-shirt, and Sascha Tukatsch mixing the David Barrett Trio's latest album "DB3 II".
  • David Barrett live with his Mack Amps Atomsmasher Signature amps.

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Atomsmasher DB-40


Product Description

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David Barrett Signature Amp - Atomsmasher DB-40

David Barrett is an exceptional guitarist, songwriter and arranger.  And now, he has the amp he has always wanted: the Atomsmasher DB-40!

"I've always had the best luck with simple and elegant amp designs, so that what I do with my hands on the guitar and feet on the pedals, translates best to the audience.

From the first moment I heard Mack amps at The Twelfth Fret, it was like they were designed for me, and now with the Atomsmasher DB-40, I have the perfect guitar amplifier.
My new signature Mack Atomsmasher DB-18 and DB-40 are the only guitar amps used on David Barrett Trio II."
The Atomsmasher DB-40 features dual EL34 power tubes and a Hammond output transformer specially selected just for this amp.  The Atomsmasher is voiced to meet David's exacting tone requirements.
The DB-40's tone can be simply described as "lush" - whether it is run clean or overdriven.  With 40 watts of power on board the Atomsmasher DB-40 provides lots of clean headroom for live work.  When pushed, the DB-40's overdriven and distorted tones are 3 dimensional and complex.  Like all Mack amps, the Atomsmasher DB-40 is dynamic and touch sensitive - morph from crystal clean to overdriven with your guitar volume control or a volume pedal.  And, it loves pedals!! 



Atomsmasher DB-40
Key Features

Atomsmasher DB-40 Specifications

  • Parallel triode preamp: added gain, warmth and touch sensitivity

  • Power tube overdrive: lush crunch and distortion

  • Gain/bass boost switch: ‘voice’ the amp to your guitar by dialing in the best gain profile and bass response

  • Single tone control: treble boost and cut, minimizes gain loss compared to two or three knob tone controls

  • Dynamic response: max distortion to clean simply by rolling off your guitar volume

  • Pedal friendly: LOVES any kind of pedal!

  • Plug in any ohm (impedance) speaker cab without damaging the amp.  Find out how Mack Amps can use any ohm speaker cabinet.

  • Gig, studio, jam ready.  40 watts provides lots of clean headroom and juicy power tube overdrive. How many watts do you really need?

  • Hand made in Canada

  • Hand stuffed and soldered components on an eyelet circuit board

  • 40 watts

  • 2 X EL34 power tubes, cathode biased

  • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes

  • Hammond 1605 output transformer

  • Hammond power transformer
  • Solid state rectification with ‘sag’ circuitry

  • Volume, single treble boost/cut

  • Gain and bass boost switch, 3 position

  • 2 - 8 ohm speaker outputs (plug in any ohm/impedance speaker cabinet without damaging the amp)
  •  Hand made poplar cabinet with textured Duratex finish

  • 18 ½”W x 8 ½”H x 8 ½”D

  • 117/120 VAC, 60 Hz

  • 23 Lb

Product Videos

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10 year warranty

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