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Mack Amps Sound Clips

Our objective is to make recordings of our amps that replicate the sound you would hear if you were in the room.  We don't use effects of any kind, including EQ, at any point in the recording and mastering process.  We know you're listening with earphones or computer speakers or whatever, but given that, you will hear what these guitar amps really sound like.  We hope you enjoy the listening experience!  NO PEDALS WERE USED IN THE SOUND CLIPS!

Heatseeker and Skyraider clips recorded by Richard Smyth.  All clips recorded at Orchard Studio.  (Hot, Burn and Melt in the clip titles refer to the gain setting on the HS-18 and SR-15).

Mack Endorsing Artists songs and video include: David Barrett Trio (David's signature Atomsmasher DB-40), Val Halla (Heatseeker HS-18), Tommy Mack and The Lifters (Heatseeker HS-18 and HS-36), Richard Smyth (Heatseeker HS-18) and Robert Renman (Skyraider SR-15).

sr-15-450.jpg  MEA Collage_250x250_caption.jpg